My Bands

Hotel Palindrone

Harlequin's Glance grrrroovy acoustic folk rock / alt. country, oscillating between original material, Dylan / Waits and Irish music... z.B.


Rembetiko (Greek urban folk music) -

Starymonetti With Marinette Bonnert (Belgium / diatonic accordion): highly danceable instrumental folk music from all over Europe -

F.L. Spifnik - with Marinette and two other great musicians: Lucia Wagner (Bavaria / fiddle) and Daniel Moser (Southern Tyrol / bass clarinet, soprano sax, wooden flute)

Trio Folk Art - together with Karin Renner (harp, whistles, vocals), Paul Dangl (fiddle, guitar, vocals)

Duo Steiner / Paulus

- Albin and me, with a vast array of instruments - early and folk music.

Skunk Crossing

- Andreas Neumeister (guitar, vocals) and me, mainly Irish / Scottish music.